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A small car all grown up.

Introducing the all new Picanto. Sporty, stylish and modern, the Picanto is the small car with the big attitude! But that not all. The Kia Picanto is big on other essentials too, with advanced features, eco-friendly technology, and the now legendary Picanto individuality; it is an ideal car to drive on the narrow and busy streets of Sri Lanka. With its distinctive shape, wide rear stance and chic personality, the Picanto defines style as you go.

Power Plus Economy.

The Picanto offers just the correct blend of power and economy to ensure an optimum driving experience. The engines meet or exceed every existing emissions standard making it safe for the environment as well.



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Sparklin Silver #B0B0B0http://www.kia.lk/images/cars/picanto/360_2017/KCS/
Alice Blue #496A9Chttp://www.kia.lk/images/cars/picanto/360_2017/ABB/
Shiny Red #A10E0Ehttp://www.kia.lk/images/cars/picanto/360_2017/A2R/
Titanium Silver #616060http://www.kia.lk/images/cars/picanto/360_2017/IM/
Honey Bee #FAE314http://www.kia.lk/images/cars/picanto/360_2017/B2Y/
Milky Beige #E6E8D5http://www.kia.lk/images/cars/picanto/360_2017/M9Y/
Clear White #EDEDEDhttp://www.kia.lk/images/cars/picanto/360_2017/UD/
Aurora Black Pearl #3B3B3Bhttp://www.kia.lk/images/cars/picanto/360_2017/ABP/
Celestical Blue #7661FFhttp://www.kia.lk/images/cars/picanto/360_2017/CU3/
Pop Orange #FF6242http://www.kia.lk/images/cars/picanto/360_2017/G7A/
Lime Light #93FF82http://www.kia.lk/images/cars/picanto/360_2017/L2E/
Clear White
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