KIA Design

Kia’s Design is not just about shapes, lines or surfaces it is a sharing of unexpected new pleasant experiences with the world’s customers.

We at Kia have understood the heartbeat of our customers which is why all our automobile designs are incredibly exciting, sporty, sassy, stunning and vivacious; the list of adjectives is endless. Design plays an imperative role in communicating with customers. Kia will consistently create a different beat in the automotive world through our designs.

Peter Schreyer - Design Track Record

A designer with an impeccable track record and commonly known as one of the world’s top 3 automotive designers, Peter Schreyer, ranks alongside contemporary design greats such as Chris Bangle of BMW and Walter De Silva of Audi. Peter has been the Chief Design Officer (CDO) of Kia since 2006 and since then, has been totally revolutionizing Kia vehicle designs.  

Prior to his appointment at Kia, Schreyer was the Chief Designer at Audi between 1994 and 2002. Two of his most significant designs include the Audi TT and A6 which captured Audi’s innovative and sporty character. Schreyer’s next appointment was at VW as its Chief Designer where he won the ‘Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany’ 4 times and the ‘Chicago Good Design Award’ twice.

Kia's Design Direction

Each element of a design should bear the ‘absolute purity’ in order to create the design as a whole. The ‘simplicity’ philosophy is at the core of Kia’s design language and works as the direction for building family-look of Kia.

upcoming products will reflect vibrant, distinctive and reliable nature of Kia, consistently. Tiger-nose line and unique interior/exterior design will help you understand what Kia stands for, what makes us unique.

Kia's Design Center

Opened in 1977, Kia’s state-of-the-art design center at Namyang carefully analyses the lifestyles of our customers in overseas markets in order to better understand the latest design trends. These efforts are ably assisted by Kia’s satellite design centers located in the USA, Europe and Japan who will leave no stone unturned in our efforts to consistently create unique and dynamic design concepts that enhances our reputation as one of the world's leading automobile manufacturers.

We endeavor to create new customer experiences through research in various fields such as industrial/visual design, aesthetics, philosophy, liberal arts, psychology, history, and artificial intelligence.


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