Life at KIA

At KIA, we bring together a team of talented people from a diversity of backgrounds.  A family oriented culture is deeply embedded, which reflects on our employees and as a result reflects on the customers. Below are few of the activities that our staff have engaged in.  


Company Annual Trips

At KIA, we believe in work life balance and as a result, we create an environment for our employees to relax admist their challenging work routine, with overseas annual staff excursions to countries such as Malaysia and Thailand.

Learning Environment 

At Kia, we invest on our employees in order to assist them develop new skills. We conduct regular technical and online training in order to grasp the opportunities for continuous learning and ensure that our team is up to date with specific knowledge relating to the Automobile Industry. We also ensure that our employees get the maximum opportunity they need in order to perform at their best.  As a result this enhances the standard of our service. 


Corporate Training 

Corporate trainings are conducted regularly in order to enhance our employees’ skills in areas such as leadership and fundamentals of corporate responsibility.