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Autopoint expands into multi-brand vehicle service and repairs

Separate facility set up at Ka Motors (Lanka) dealership in Kurunegala .

Fully-eQuipped multi-brand collision repair centre to be commissioned shortly.

Autopoint Limited, the Kia Motors (Lanka) owned dealership, has announced that it is expanding into multi-brand automobile servicing and repairs following six successful years as a Sales, Service and Spares (3S) Centre for the Kia brand in Kurunegala.

In its mission to extend its expertise to multiple automobile brands, Autopoint has developed a separate service and repair centre at the Company’s complex in Kurunegala with newly-recruited staff trained to global standards and state-of-the-art scanning equipment and tools.

The new multi-brand facility will initially offer after-sales services and mechanical repairs to all vehicle brands, and in phase two a Collision Repair Centre is to be commissioned, enabling it to offer a fully-equipped body shop, the Company said. The new multi-brand venture promises after-sales servicing to international standards with genuine spare parts, will also offer warranties on its vehicle services and provide 24/7 roadside assistance within a specified radius, the Company said.

To celebrate the launch of this venture, Autopoint said it will offer all customers visiting the new multi-brand service centre in the month of November, a free vehicle diagnostic report, a free vehicle wax, and other complimentary items.

Commenting on Autopoint’s diversification into multi-brand vehicle servicing, Kia Motors (Lanka) Managing Director Mr Andrew Perera said: ‘This venture is backed by our 2S-year track record of excellence in representing the Kia brand in Sri Lanka. lt is therefore logical to extend our service and repair expertise to other brands, and vehicle owners are assured that the operations and service delivery of Autopoint Limited will be of international standard.”

Autopoint Limited will offer general inspection, oil and filter change, vehicle underwash, interior cleaning and vacuum, and vehicle scanning under its Full-Service offering; transmission oil change, differential oil change, brake oil change, and power-steering oil change under its Major Service offering; and will deliver other services such as engine tuning, transmission, engine and suspension repairs.

While Autopoint Limited’s new business unit caters to multiple vehicle brands, Kia vehicle owners will continue to enjoy exclusive attention, as the Kia Showroom and Service Centre located on the Colombo Road at Dambokka, Kurunegala, will operate in tandem with but independent of the new facility, Mr Perera said.

Kia Motors (Lanka) first established a presence in Kurunegala in 2015 when it launched a new showroom and service centre as part of the roll out of a dealer development initiative in Sri Lanka. Designed and equipped to international standards and guidelines stipulated by Kia, the Rs 150 million facility was designated a ‘3S’ Kia Centre, offering Sales, Service and Spares at a prime location on the Colombo – Kurunegala Road. The franchise operation was subsequently renamed Autopoint Limited when it became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kia Motors (Lanka).